“My daily ray of light” is also ours. We have been dealing with Lichtenauer, an alcohol-free beverage brand of the Hassia Group and the largest East German spring water brand, on a daily basis for many years now. Its appearance is correspondingly self-confident and emotive, primarily focussing on fun, activity and well-being. We provide holistic and cross-media support for this successful brand, and we are committed to ensuring maximum consistency.

Our goal: full-service for efficient, emotive brand-building.

brand-building, radio, external advertising, advertisements, direct marketing, photography, website, microsite, POS communication, promotion, image advertising, cross-media


Recipes for successful, efficient communication.
Take the trendy topic of cooking shows and present the mild taste of Lichtenauer mineral water in premium glass bottles with the motto “My style, my taste”. The result was a campaign that has all the ingredients of good communication, from the POS activities to the external advertising to an online competition.


Photoshoots with style factor.
Testimonial shoot in the agency’s own photography studio with prior casting of independent characters for the new glass bottle campaign “My style, my taste”.


Consistent branding.
The ray of light and the logo are Lichtenauer’s brand assets. This is accompanied by the tagline “Mein täglicher Lichtblick” (My daily ray of light) and emotive storytelling across all channels.