The premium brand WMF has been in kitchens for 160 years now. And it has also had its own small appliance division since 2011: WMF CE (Consumer Electronics). psbrands has been there with them from the outset, establishing the brand across various media and growing together with the customer. With success: WMF CE is today an elementary part of the group, with new product lines added every year.

Our goal: to combine lifestyle communication with the WMF design claim.

brand-building, packaging, moving image, video, storyboard, visual effects, trade fair concepts, POS marketing, sales promotion, print communication, creation, texting design, food photography, product photography, DTP implementation

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Corporate video

Moving with pictures.
Emotive staging to launch and announce the new WMF KITCHENminis® at IFA 2016.


Presenting presents.
Nationwide supplement campaign for the Christmas product line in target-group-relevant, high-circulation magazines with over 25 million contacts.


Vegan design.
Product launch for the WMF KULT X spiral cutter as a trend product for vegan kitchens. POS presentation including product brochure and recipe booklet with a testimonial by blogger and TV chef Nicole Just.


Focus on design.
Elegant, minimalistic design and clear styling – that’s what WMF is known for. We emphasise this with appropriate product photography.

Food photography

Food shots with taste appeal.
Food photography at its finest – deliciously presented. Such as the tasty recipes included with the WMF table and raclette grill.


Rock at IFA!
A loud appearance at IFA 2011 to launch WMF CE and introduce the Only You series with a star factor: Elvis as the protagonist and figurehead.