3D visualisation

Workflow production & application areas.

In recent years, photo-realistic 3D renderings or CGI have become indispensable for the creation of a wide variety of advertising materials.

Logo von DIEHL Metering
Übersicht von Renderings zu Hydrus 2.0 mit verschiedenen Anbauteilen

Starting from CAD data or modelled according to existing photos, the desired objects are created in various 3D programmes and rendered, post-processed and inserted in any position.

A 3D rendering is not always the optimal choice for a visualisation. The analysis of the existing data, the complexity of the model and the desired environment, but also the required areas of application are important for the decision-making process.

For DIEHL Metering, psbrands has photorealistically converted a large part of the product portfolio into 3D and used it many times.



water meter.


The raw data for the desired rendering is provided as CAD data - usually in STEP data format. The objects have no texturing, printing or glazing.

At psbrands, they are technically optimised and prepared for further processing.

Basisdaten zweier DIEHL-Produkte
Modelling-Ansicht eines Hydrus von DIEHL


The polygon-optimised models are supplemented and - beyond the original CAD data stock - provided with necessary add-on parts.



The component groups are individually textured and photorealistically illuminated. Lettering and laser graining are mapped onto surfaces.

Scene-relevant details, such as water flow, are added and the model is brought into the required position. Finally, the rendering is done in the desired resolution - depending on the intended use.

Mapping und Rendering eines Hydrus von DIEHL



For the integration of product renderings into realistic installation scenes, the existing 2D world was developed further into a 3D world by psbrands. This can now be used in any modified form in all areas of application.

Rendering einer Stadtszene zur Darstellung der Integration von DIEHL-Anwendungen

Areas of


Printed communication media

Portfolio management

Product brochures

Rendering eines DIEHL Messestandes zum Thema Hydrus 2.0 und Sharky

Trade fair / event

The Brand in three-dimensional space

Design of communication walls / Banner / LED wall

gat I wat (Cologne), E-World (Essen), Tausendwasser (Berlin)


Portfolio management

3D animated films

HYDRUS 2.0 Bulk meter & domestic meter

Digital communication media

Kiosk system (touchscreen)

App development, websites

TYPO3 & Adobe Air with

connection to product database


  • Image concept
  • Photorealistic realisation


  • Design
  • 3D Smart City
  • 2D functional graphics

Trade fair

  • Design wall graphics
  • Roll-ups
  • Kiosk system


  • Concept / Text
  • Animation
  • Soundtrack

Augmented Reality

  • Concept for trade fair
  • Integration into the kiosk system

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