Margon stands for mineral water and bitter drinks on the Saxon regional market. As a shining advertising icon, it combines design cult of the past with contemporary communication.

Visualised with a holistic, close to home campaign in iconic neon design. psbrands restaged the refreshment brand for the sparkling moments in life – with a contemporary look and a new, sparklingly fresh language. So, poster motifs also have a laid-back regional reference to Dresden and Leipzig.

Mix it

with Margon.

Under the message "Make it sparkling", Margon shows with a variety of mix recipes that there are no limits to the refreshing imagination with Margon bitter drinks or mineral waters. In addition, the Margon website offers consumer-relevant information on the products, shows the exciting history since 1903. An event calendar creates the regional reference to sports, culture and tourism.



Margon rewards loyalty with high-quality premiums. That’s why there are fantastic Margon Mix premiums for the purchase of crates and six-packs as part of a major bonus collection campaign. For example, the “LED Cooler” with its LED colour changer perfectly picks up on the brand’s neon staging, while timeless long-drink glasses in vintage design complete the trendy topic.


with light effect for

digital promotion

Margon Getränkeflaschen mit Etiketten zu einem Gewinnspiel


with reference to the promotion

for high contact frequency




for information and

analogue participation

Mockup eines Margon-Flyers zum Thema Bittergetränke
Mockup der Margon-Website zum Thema Bittergetränke



for online participation,

including receipt upload function

Foto einer Margon Produktpräsentation am POS

POS presentation

draws the buyers' attention

to the promotion

Getränkeaufsteller von Margon für den Einsatz am POS


Shooting in the psbrands photo studio for campaign visual and mix recipe

Social Media

Playout of the promotion on all channels

Mockup von einem Telefon mit einem Social Media Post von Margon



Margon Social Media Post, Thema Bittergetränk Wild Berry tasgsüber
Margon Social Media Post, Thema Tag des Mineralwassers
Margon Social Media Post, Thema Gewinnspiel Handballtickets
Margon Social Media Post, Thema Bittergetränk Wild Berry nachts
Margon Social Media Post, Thema Tonic Water
Margon Social Media Post, Thema sanftes Wasser
Margon Social Media Post, Thema Bittergetränk Wild Berry
Margon Social Media Post, Thema Eventtipp Beach Volleyball Cup
Margon Social Media Post, Thema Nikolaus

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