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WMF offers products for preparing, cooking, eating, drinking and baking for private use. In Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH) – the DACH countries, WMF operates its own branch network, but also presents itself in the stationary specialised trade. psbrands creates sales promotion measures and thus ensures the visual implementation of the promotion campaigns at the POS.


All brands join in. WMF also uses Black Week as an established sales platform online and in retail to generate business, enticing customers with great discounts on great products for eight days.


Redesign of a BLACK WEEK label as key visual for the new promotion

POS presentation

The advertising material for BLACK WEEK draws attention to the promotion in the shop window

WMF Black Week Promotion POS Aufsteller
WMF Black Week Promotion Social Media

Online activation

The WMF BLACK WEEK is also displayed as a successful promotion on the company's own online channels and external platforms

Black week

put on stage

Whether as a window sticker, customer stopper, poster, ellipse et cetera ... the BLACK WEEK and selected WMF highlight products present themselves in a consistent look

WMF Black Week Promotion A1 Plakat
WMF Black Week Promotion RollUp
WMF Black Week Promotion Web Teaser
WMF Black Week Promotion A4 Aufsteller



In the autumn promotion, WMF presents itself as the ideal partner for simple and uncomplicated healthy enjoyment. Because WMF products make it very easy to create varied and healthy dishes from fresh autumnal ingredients.

Sales document

Comprehensive catalogue for the presentation of the products, retailer media, activation concept and marketing tools - for valuable buying impulses and high sales

Mockup einer Anzeige für WMF Herbst Promotion auf Facebook

Online activation

Promotion-related banners for newsletter, promotion landing page and social media

Produktpräsentation für Produkte der WMF Herbst Promotion am POS

POS presentation

The promotional materials for the autumn campaign appears in the shop window, in the shop and on special sales areas

Promotion flyer

A customisable retailer flyer advertises the bonus campaign and presents the highlight products

WMF Herbst Promotion Flyer
WMF Herbst Promotion Anzeige


The retailer receives customisable newspaper ads for the highlight products of the promotion

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