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This is the guiding principle of the IU International University. People are at the centre of communication. For our implementation, this means: High-contrast images with an individually developed colour spectrum and the striking use of the brand colours become the stage for the protagonists and thus ensure maximum attention. The communication is always self-confident, authentic and bold. And the basis for all our measures that we have been developing for IU since 2020.

iMac mit IU Website
IU Internationale Hochschule German Brand Award 2021

Consistent brand


and communication

work pays off.

IU was awarded the German Brand Award 2021 and the Marken Award 2022! This makes IU the first brand to win the two most important brand awards in the highest category within one year.

We are very happy and proud that we - in assciation with GMK Markenberatung - have contributed to this.

IU studies and

white papers.

The basic idea: to combine the razzle-dazzle appearance of the tabloid press with the content-related, serious claim of a university. Highly condensed information, easy to understand. And always to the point. psbrands is responsible for both the editorial content and the editorial design. This is where the flexible design system comes into its own. Skillfully used, it makes the IU studies typical and unmistakable.

The result: unique studies and white papers that are readily picked up by opinion leaders and the media. And thus achieve a lasting effect. Pre-programmed and measurable success in PR and social media.

IU Internationale Hochschule Studie The Future of Upskilling
IU Internationale Hochschule Factsheet zum lernen mit KI
IU Internationale Hochschule Factsheet zu MINT Bildung
IU Internationale Hochschule Studie zur Talentfindung mit KI
IU Internationale Hochschule Factsheet zur aktuellen Inflation
IU Internationale Hochschule Factsheet zur MINT Bildung
IU Internationale Hochschule Studie Übersichtsseite
IU Internationale Hochschule Studie zur Beurteilung von KI im Bewerbungsprozess
IU Internationale Hochschule Studie zur Weiterbildung
IU Internationale Hochschule Studie zum Home Office
IU Internationale Hochschule Studie vier wichtige Erkenntnisse

The IU brand

in space.

IU Internationale Hochschule Standort Hamburg LED Leuchtrahmen individuell erstellt

LED frame

Dynamic colour change

with app control

Foto einer Türbeschriftung am IU-Standort in Düsseldorf
IU Internationale Hochschule Standort Hamburg Folierung im Innenbereich
IU Internationale Hochschule Standort München Folierungen der Fenster
IU Internationale Hochschule Standort München Folierungen der Fenster


Advertising and

communication measures

The brief: turn anonymous office spaces into brand-typical contact points. The challenge: brand transformation at 36 locations within 2 months. From planning to implementation.

In a holistic approach, psbrands transformed the IU brand codes into a three-dimensional brand experience and created

  • long-distance impact through striking external communication,
  • orientation through an individual guidance system,
  • communication of the brand positioning through large-format use of wall surfaces, and
  • staging of illuminated objects with the IU-LED frame.

Individually adapted for each location - consistent and spectacular.

Let’s get


Social media thrives on content. The consequence: develop attractive content again and again and play it out precisely. Respond to occasions. And so on ... Our social media communication ensures an involving, target group-oriented approach that connects with the IU’s overarching positioning.

Thanks to our content expertise, we think of the communication content already during concept development. This way, it can be transferred to all social media channels. With the greatest possible synergy effects. Simple, fast and efficient.

Mockup Social Media
Mockup Social Media
IU Group Prospektaufsteller Individuallösung

Always effective

on analogue

media as well.

True content competence means: The content created can be transferred to every point of contact. Today, this is especially true for the implementation on analogue media, because here other layout behaviour and other production processes must be taken into account. Whether the individually printed study brochure for prospective students, the gender guide or the high-quality and eye-catching print materials – with comprehensive know-how in production and implementation, psbrands was able to raise the entire print communication of the IU to a new level at maximum speed.

Detailfoto IU Group Prospektaufsteller
Aufsicht eines IU Group Prospektständers
Individualisierte Broschüre für Studieninteressenten
Individualisierte Broschüre für Studieninteressenten

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